1Win Bonuses

1Win has entered the market relatively recently, so it provides an unprecedented list of bonuses that you can and should get while the company is just strengthening its position in the Indian market. By the way, let us tell you a secret, such big bonuses are presented only for players from India because they are very much loved here. In this piece, we will break down all the types and kinds of bonuses that the company offers to new players. 

The maximum bonus you can get is a promo code START2WIN, this type of bonus will give you %200 on your first deposit in the casino and sports betting, as well as freespins and many other promotions.

For all new players 1win provides good bonuses

First Deposit Bonus

Bookmaker 1Win offers one of the biggest bonuses on the market. Up to 500%, up to INR 75,000. At the moment, there are bonuses available on as many as 4 first deposits. The bonuses apply to two of your accounts: 

  • Betting bonus 
  • Casino betting bonus

So, even though we have two bonus accounts, and a total bonus of 500%, let’s work out how to get it right. 

  • For the first deposit, the player receives 200% of the first deposit into his bonus betting and casino accounts. 
  • For the second deposit, the player receives 150% of the second deposit in his bonus betting and casino accounts. 
  • For his third deposit, the player receives 100% of the third deposit amount in his bonus betting and casino accounts. 
  • For the fourth deposit, the player receives 50% of the fourth deposit amount in his bonus betting and casino accounts.

The maximum bonus for each deposit is INR 18,750 per bonus account. (For the first four deposits in total, a player can receive a maximum of INR 75,000 to the casino bonus account and to the betting bonus account).

If you still don’t fully understand, we have broken it down for you in tabular form: 

1win First Deposit Bonus for new players

First deposit Casino 
+200% on your first deposit
Second depositCasino
+150% on your first deposit
Third Deposit Casino
+100% on your first deposit
Fourth DepositCasino
+50% on your first deposit

Next table shows what percentage of the bonus money will be transferred to the player’s main account, depending on losses in the casino during the previous day:

Losses from the previous day, INRPercentage of bonus funds, %
From 5000 INR1%
From 20000 INR2%
From 50000 INR3%
From 100000 INR4%
From 500000 INR5%
From 700000 INR10%
From 1000000 INR20%

Please note, however, that all bonus offers are only available after registering through our link. Don’t lose your bonus prizes, don’t skip the link. 

Casino Cashback

1Win is not forgetting those who like to play casino games. By the way, the 1Win casino bonuses are rightfully on par with the betting bonuses. The company provides a whole cashback, which is as much as 30% of the money you lose during the week. 

The bonus applies to the Slots category, and is determined by the total amount of all bets placed by the player. 

Important: the bonus account does not apply to the bonus balance;

All players at 1win casino can get their money back

Cashback Percent, %Bets Amount in Slots in last 7 days, INRMaximum cashback amount, INR
1From 100,000 INR3,000 INR
2From 300,000 INR4,000 INR
3From 500,000 INR5,000 INR
4From 800,000 INR8,000 INR
5From 1,000,000 INR15,000 INR
10From 10,000,000 INR20,000 INR
20From 20,000,000 INR30,000 INR
30From 50,000,000 INR50,000 INR

Cashback Bonus Description

 Cashback is credited to the player’s balance. There is no wagering funds received as cashback are instantly available for play and withdrawal. Cashback is credited every Saturday at 00:00.


There is also a large jackpot every week. There are 4 slot machines in the gaming room, which update the prize pool in live mode. All you need to do to take part is start playing.

Weekly jackpot bonus available

Leaderboard Bonus

Leaderboard is a ranking of the most active players on 1Win. For prizes among the most active players, users receive substantial bonuses. The conditions are very simple: all you have to do to get into the top is to place your bets. 

Leaderboards are divided into two types: “Daily” and “Weekly”

Bets placed between 00:00 and 23:59 of the current dayBets placed from 00:00 Monday to 23:59 Sunday

Also, each of the betting types has its own gradation, namely:

Bronze Bonus points received for bets of less than 3,000 INR Ruby  Bonus points received for bets of less than 3,000 INR 
Silver Bets between 3,000 INR and 10,000 INR.Sapphire Bets between 3,000 INR and 10,000 INR.
GoldBets of more than 10,000 INR.DiamondBets of more than 10,000 INR.


  • No bonus points are awarded for bets with odds of less than 1.6 and more than 10. 
  • No bonus points will be awarded for bets with “Returned” and “Sold” status.
  • If a player takes more than one prize place in “Day” or “Weekly” tournaments, the player takes the cash prize for the prize place, which has the bigger prize.

The most active 1win players will receive additional prizes

Bonus On An Express

In addition to the usual bonuses on many events and outcomes, 1Win has implemented an approach to offering bonuses on express events. If you make an express with 5 or more events, a percentage of your winnings will be added to your net profit. 

Make a express bet and get an extra bonus from 1win

We will show in the table percentage list: 

Events amount in the express, EventsPercent, %
5 events7%
6 events 8%
7 events9%
8 events10%
9 events11%
10 events12%
11+ events15%

As you can see, 1Win is not only a pioneering online gambling operation, but also offers many bonus features that other online gambling platforms can’t even dream of.