Each of the companies that provide sports betting and casino services to players set several rules. They are required to be followed by everyone. One of the main ones is the privacy policy. Strict adherence to all the rules in this area is your guarantee of successful betting and gambling.

1win privacy policy

The essence of the 1win privacy policy

At the moment, the privacy policy refers to the collection, processing, storage, and subsequent use of players’ data. This information is necessary for:

  • Improvement of customer safety;
  • To protect against fraud;
  • To improve the quality of services provided by the company;
  • Compliance of betting and casino operations with the applicable laws of the player’s country;
  • Conform to all other established terms and conditions.

Every year the company expands the list of its rules more and more. Thus making its activities safer, more legal, and correct.

Privacy Policy Essense

Information to be collected and stored by 1win

Before starting to gamble or place bets, please read the terms and conditions of the company. By agreeing to them, you confirm to take full account of all the risks and to be responsible for any infringement thereof. The following information is collected about each of them:

  • First name, last name;
  • Location of the player;
  • Contact phone number;
  • Email address;
  • History of payment transactions, and actions on the platform.

This information is usually needed to control the existence of a single player’s account, as well as to ensure the safety of other users.

Collected user information: 1win

How is user information collected and stored on 1win?

Players should be aware of how data is collected and stored. It is necessary to gain a better understanding of the 1win privacy policy. This is generally done in the following way:

  1. The player first opens the 1Win official website;
  2. Cookies are sent to 1win;
  3. The player voluntarily provides his details when creating an account. Additionally, any actions can be performed: deposit, withdrawal, wagering, playing, activation of bonuses, etc.

It is important to know that this data is protected from being passed on to third parties. The leakage of information is blocked by special databases with special encryption. When a player stops using the platform, his/her personal data is deleted. If he/she wants to do this more quickly he can contact the support team.

How is information collected and stored?

Liability measures for breaches of the 1win privacy policy

The main way to control and protect against violations of the privacy policy is through liability measures. These include:

  • Full or temporary blocking of the account;
  • The imposition of financial restrictions;
  • Prohibition of certain actions.

1win cares about its reputation and therefore actively monitors and punishes violators and fraudsters. If a player has been wrongly prosecuted, he should contact the Support Team to have the matter resolved.

Liability measures