Loyalty programs drive the acquisition of new customers, then you can apply the profits from the incremental customers to the mix as well. As a player, you want to know how your loyalty is rewarded. An ordinary loyalty program requires a player to promote the upcoming casino bonuses and sales. Also, a member of a loyalty program should provide full observation on the upcoming streams and matches, available on 1win.

Loyalty Program

Main info about program

Here are the most popular remuneration kinds with the average amounts paid to webmasters for advertising services:

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) — from $20 to $150 per converted user.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) — from $0.05 to $1 per click on a banner or a backlink.
  • Revenue Share (Revshare) — from 40 to 70% of converted players’ losses.

This is how much an affiliate can earn from a single attracted gambler. The data is taken from a few top-rated platforms with around 25,000 people of monthly organic traffic.

As usual, the player uses the various channel of communication, where the most popular are as follows:

  1. Social media: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  2. Professional gambling forums and feedback portals: Quora, IndianVideoGamer.com, The Sports India, etc
  3. Official websites (promotions and advertisements placed there can be also referred to as a part of loyalty membership)

Moreover, the player can share the invitation links with his/her mates, which will be activated once the registration process is done on the 1win India. By logging in through the shared links, the loyal player will receive his bonuses on his account, which can be used instead of bets (or can be resulted in a bonus code, which allows receiving exclusive discounts on the International Championships like IPL, EURO, and so on).

There are also many rewards programs offered by 1win India.