For many years, 1win has been delighting its users with different services and high-quality products. Despite this, there are still risks of technical errors and other problems. Hence, there are different ways of contacting the company.

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Main ways of communicating with 1win

For the greatest comfort, 1win provides its players with several communication channels:

  • Online chat;
  • Email;
  • Contact phone number.

Each of these options differs in the speed of response. Below we describe how detailed will be the response in each communication channel.

How to contact 1win

Online chat

The first and most favorite method among users is online chat. This option is valued because of its speed and ease of problem-solving. So, the main features are:

  • The opening hours are 24 hours a day;
  • Highly professional employees of 1win work directly with the customers;
  • The chat icon is located on the screen in any of the sections of the official website;
  • The response time is instantaneous.

These basic features are what make the chat option the most attractive among others.

Online Chat


The company’s official email address is contact@1win.xyz. This method is appreciated due to some obvious benefits. These include:

  • A large and detailed description of the problem;
  • Providing recommendations to improve the quality of the company’s work;
  • Attaching various pictures, screenshots, videos, and audio.

However, please note that this method is not recommended for those who want a response immediately. Emails are processed during company business hours. A reply can be received within 24 hours. If the problem requires further investigation, then a user should wait for a couple of days.

E-mail contacts

Contact phone number

The last, but the no less convenient, the option is the 8 (800) 301 77 89 phone number. Features of this option include:

  • Speaking in any language, including Hindi, is supported;
  • Suitable for those who like to state their question verbally;

However, although there are a lot of advantages, you should still consider the company’s opening hours for most inquiries. On weekends or public holidays, it is better to use online chat.

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