It is not difficult to detect fraud in online gambling. According to the 1Win official website, the 1win management team complies with the next rules to protect their system and Clients: Proven fraud prevention and management platform that uses both machine learning and rules-based approaches to gauge the riskiness of every transaction. A device intelligence solution that provides visibility to all devices accessing and creating accounts. Seeing that one device has accessed several accounts or that a device located in a foreign country (for example Bangladesh) is trying to create an account with a US address can be warning signs. This is a common trend among players, using VPN protocols during logging in. Use of behavior analytics to evaluate if a person or a bot is behind a transaction. As fraudsters become more sophisticated, they create bots that mimic human behavior. But sophisticated fraud prevention solutions can tell the difference and flag those transactions immediately.

Anti Fraud

Anti Fraud at 1Win

Some ways to detect online gambling are mentioned below. Using encryption is a fundamental step to start with.

So, the first and foremost point to protect yourself from fraud – is to choose a casino with a high level of encryption. In this regard, 1win India is using 128-bit encryption to safeguard users’ information.

The second point, which is already required by 1win India, is to follow a good KYC practice (Know Your Customer). This will involve some steps including the very basics during the user registration:

  1. You need 2 documents to create and play in 1win India successfully.
  2. The first one is your Identification proof (ID Proof)

The second one is your address proof.

Any proof that you are going to provide, take a scan and keep it ready. 1win India accepts photographs of the proofs as well. If the images are not clear they will ask you to re-send them. So scans are better. Send photos only if 1win India customer care asks for it specifically.

ID Proofs:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • PAN Card

Address Proofs:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License (If it shows your address)
  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill (Internet Connection Bill or Postpaid Mobile bills)
  • During signup, you can continue monitoring data using the following methods:
  • Device fingerprinting – finding information about the device used, as some of them will instantly point to suspicious usage.
  • Email analysis – emails are often linked to social media accounts, which makes it easy to track fake accounts.
  • IP analysis – similar to device fingerprinting, an IP address can reveal a lot about an individual’s internet usage, location, and potential for fraudulent activity.

Some of these steps can also be used at login, to ensure that the right user is using the right account. Device fingerprinting and IP analysis can also help flag account takeovers (whether credentials have been stolen or acquired through phishing attacks).

Finally, during account top-ups, it’s important to monitor the credit card information to ensure it hasn’t been stolen or doesn’t pose a high-risk threat.

Important notice: We advise people to verify the account first before depositing the amount in their 1win account. Once the account is verified, You can deposit whenever you want and withdraw whenever you like. But note that even in case you’ve successfully passed the KYC procedure, you’ll still have limits on your Bets, set earlier during the registration process. However, you are free to edit them at any time in your 1win account.

In terms of legislation, 1win India Anti Fraud regulation is represented by the major points below:

  • The Bookmaker company reserves the right to cancel Cash Out in case of fraud or abuse suspicion.
  • Administration of the betting company reserves the right to block the opportunity of the client’s account to place bets, cancel all bets, or address to law enforcement bodies if the following cases are found out if the Client committed frauds against the betting company.