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1win has been around for well over a decade having opened its online doors back in 2015, meaning they are a true veteran in the online casino game. Throughout their lifespan, they have built up an extremely impressive list of top-quality casino games, and a healthy welcome bonus and RTP of 96.5% only adds to the appeal.

1win is not a newcomer to the Indian betting market and has already reached clients’ loyalty. According to the players’ feedback, 1win offers one of the best Customer Support Services, which will help you 24/7 with any issue you might have – starting from the verification process and ending up with withdrawal transactions. Customer Support can be reached via live chat, international phone calls, or e-mail messaging. To receive an instant reply, the best way is to use email.

Below we will describe in detail all you need to know about the 1win Loyalty program, 1win Licensing, 1win General Rules, and whether there is an Anti Fraud regulation in 1win India.

Introductory Information

Reglas Generales

  • Risk of ruin. The other piece of maths you need to know is the “risk of ruin”. It kind of speaks for itself: for your bankroll, how many bets of each size can you expect to make before you run out of money on a particular game. It’s not obvious because you will win some bets and lose others along the way, and you cannot predict the size of the wins. A huge win early on could keep you going for a long time. Good gambling game design tries (despite what people think) to give players a relatively low risk of ruin whatever their bankroll. This is because we are trying (despite what people think) to provide entertainment. There’s not much fun in losing your whole bankroll in less time than it takes to count it out. If you want to understand the risk of ruin, we recommend the fabulous WizardOfOdds website. He even has tables where you can see the calculation for popular games such as Video Poker. Do at least 10 predictions and see if you are profitable from these 10 predictions. If not, don’t put your own money into these games. It doesn’t matter if you are betting on corners, over/under, Teams, Dra.
  • Limit your bets. Count your budget and divide the part of your income into several parts – required expenses and the money allowed for gambling. Some online casino platforms will offer you to set the bet limits during the registration process. But it is not always the case. By limiting your bets you won’t suffer much in case of losing. The reality is that even if your gambling strategy is perfect, there is always a chance for unpredictable results.
  • Don’t be afraid of higher odds. Rather be afraid of small odds. Small odds feel safe, but are they? Take a look at how you are successful with small odds.
  • Use maths. Betting is mathematics, even games of chance. If you learn maths following the game, you learn the game and then you can have the advantage. Before placing any bets understand the factors involved with the game that can have even a marginal impact on the game and based on that curated information, place the bet.
  • Do the research. Proper analysis before placing each bet. Following the crowd is what losing bettors do, meanwhile successful bettors analyze each detail: teams’ condition, venue of the match, transfers, injuries, etc, and even odds offered by the bookies, to make an informed decision with the bet.
  • Build up your betting strategy. Having a betting strategy with an edge, a positive expectancy one that makes profits when executed consistently over time. The ability to be able to consistently execute the strategy to be disciplined.
  • Instead of adding more small odds on 1 ticket to make higher odds and then being sad to see 1 loss on the ticket. Add only 1 pick per ticket. If you need higher odds then simply bet a higher outcome than what you expect. ( Go take a look at your betting history and maybe what you will discover is that the games you won were mostly an even higher or better outcome than what you’ve expected )
  • You must pay tax on your winnings (if the casino issues you a 1099-G), but you can also deduct your losses from those winnings
  • Study statistics. Before deciding on which odds are worthy of a bet, it is essential to analyze what form the teams are in, whether they are in a winning or losing streak, and other vital indicators. This will help you determine who is more likely to succeed.
  • Keep yourself updated about the latest sport match news. This knowledge is very important for placing the right bets. Read the free news available on betting websites daily. It will help you improve your gaming skills.
  • Tip for a newcomer to the gambling market – don’t gamble against professionals.